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Apples vs. Humans

We won’t let parasites near our apples.

So, why do we let parasites live on our skin?13256052_1084026118302129_2058208254514132739_n

Why The Scalp Is Like A Garden!

Say that you have a garden that is overrun by pests.

There are insects on your plants roots and in the soil, consuming all the nutrients, fertiliser and water you are feeding your plants, trying to make them healthy again.

Instead of these products getting into the soil, and your plants roots transferring the nutrients to where they need to go, the pests in the soil are getting to them first and consuming them. Your plants start to die.

So your hair and skin are like plants and the pests are Demodex mites. They need to live in a pest free environment to flourish.

It’s Highly Important To Seek ‪#‎Demodex‬ ‪#‎Mites‬ Treatment Prior To Any Other Treatment For Skin Issues. Hair Mites Cause Problems When They Soar Out Of Control!

Find more about Demodex mites here

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What Are Eye Mites or Eyelash Mites?

What Are Eye Mites,  Eyelash Mites or Demodex Mites?

Eye mites also known as Demodex is a genus of a parasitic mites that live in or near hair follicles of mammals. There are about 65 different species of Demodex with only two species known to attack human beings, i.e. the Demodex brevis and Demodex folliculorum both of which are commonly refers as to hair mites or face mites. However, eye mites or eyelash mites only refers to Demodex folliculorum. 

The Demodex brevis is normally found on the sebaceous glands while the Demodex folliculorum (follicle mites) is found on hair follicles. Both these two species are commonly found on facial areas and thus at times know as face mites especially on areas near your cheeks, forehead, chin, eyebrows, eyelashes as well as your nose. However, they can also be found on other body parts too.

Causes of facial mites or how do you get eyelash mites

If you think hygiene could be a main reason why you have mites in eyelashes, you are wrong since scientists have shown no relationship between personal hygiene and infestation of these mites. They have only noted that some hosts are much preferred by face mites than others.

However, there seems a connection between eye mites and mascara as women who wear a lot of mascara tend to have a higher prevalence of these mites on their eyelashes. This is the same case for people who wear a lot of eye makeup in general.

Furthermore, people who have oily skins tend to be more vulnerable to mites on eyelashes than those who do not have much. This could be perhaps due to the fact that they feed on these oils.

Not washing your face before you go to bed or sleeping with your makeup could also be a cause for the increased levels of face mites. According to Dr. Oz (of The Oprah Show fame), 50% of Americans have eyelash mites as a result of sleeping in eye makeup 

What are some of the eye mite symptoms?
  • You will have Demodex mite bite or demodicosis that often results to some skin disorders, inflammation or an itching skin. You will experience the inflammation and itching in the morning since these mites crawl out of you eyelash follicles at night, mate, lay eggs and crawl back into your follicle in the morning.
  • Rosacea is another common sign you have lash mites as these mites often cause inflammatory skin diseases including rosacea.
  • Blepharitis, an eyelid inflammation condition characterized by crusty, swollen, reddened, burning and itchy eyelids.
  • Affected people may suffer from acne vulgaris as these mites often promote acne vulgaris.
  • Eyelash falling outin case there are so many of them in one single eyelash follicle.
  • Severe infestation of face mites can lead to eye and skin infection.
It is normal for doctors to ignore the presence of mites in eyelashes unless they are able to notice some eye mites’ symptoms.

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Demodex folliculorum vs Demodex brevis

About both Demodex mites known as Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis 



What are Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis?

Both species of Demodex mites live on your face and hair follicles. They cannot be seen without the assistance of a microscope. 
Visit our website HERE, to read more information on Demodex mites.

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Limited time offer: 2 for 1 on human Demodex mites treatment

Are you suffering from any of the following hair mite symptoms?

  • Itching
  • General Discomfort
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Rosacea
  • Hair Loss
  • Thinning hair
  • Rough skin
  • Facial Discoloration
  • Acne
  • Enlarged pores
  • Freckles


If you said yes to any of the above symptoms, then this indicates that there is a high population density of mites present and needs to be treated effectively.

Introducing our revolutionary hair mites treatment:

The Ungex range of products are made from the highest quality ingredients, which are both gentle and effective. Those suffering from a mite infestation are often troubled by hair and skin issues; Ungex’s mission is to help reduce these problems with zero side effects and a product that is gentle enough to use everyday.

As Demodex mites live under the skin for the majority of their lives, getting rid of them can be a lengthy, but necessary process. We guarantee that our products will help eliminate Demodex mites, as long as they are used altogether and are used in the correct manner. UNGEX offers the most revolutionary demodex mites treatment!

We are also currently offering a 2 for 1 special on all products, only available for a limited time!


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hair mite symptoms and treatment

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hair mite symptoms and treatment

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Tips for living a healthy, mite free lifestyle

For the most part, many people have never heard of Demodex mites. What are they exactly?

Demodex mites are tiny microscopic organisms which live in the hair follicles. There are two species living on humans that have been identified: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, which are both frequently referred to as hair mites, skin mites, body mites, eyelash mites and a whole lot more.

Studies show that Demodex mites are associated with numerous types of skin complications, such as hair loss, pimples, acne, rosacea, freckles, spots, rough skin, atopic dermatitis, itching, rash, discolouration on the face and other skin conditions.

Many people have Demodex mites, and they usually are A-symptomatic in healthy people. However, when a person becomes sick, and their immune system goes down, the number of mites increase and unfortunately, a person then suffers negative effects with skin problems and hair loss.

So what can you do in order to get rid of these mites?

UNGEX offers the best Demodex hair mites treatment, which is an essential solution for your healthy hair, skin and scalp. Ungex is a company that have received several business certificates and awards, including the 2012 “Best Invention Award” for the invention of ‘Ungex Hair Mites Solution’. Ungex products are made up of unique shampoos, treatment hair tonics and the Pro-Demodex treatment spray. All products work in conjunction to effectively help eliminate all types of human mites.



Try out the following tips on how you may help live a healthy lifestyle and improve

your immune system, which in turn will help prevent and control Demodex mites:

  1. Eat healthy food: Try to eat more of vegetables and fruits and reduce the consumption of fried and oily junk foods. By cooking meals at home you can be in charge of what you’re eating and be able monitor exactly what goes into your food. The more healthy food you eat, the better you’re likely to feel after a meal.
Eat healthy food for a mite-free lifestyle.

Eat healthy food.


  1. Exercise: Try to exercise at least 30mins and 3 times per week early in the morning to get the heart pumping and your blood circulating. This also helps keep you energised and ready to go throughout the day, as well as allowing you to maintain your weight. Go out and enjoy the sunshine, you’re more likely to feel happier and healthier.
Healthy and happy, mite-free lifestyle

Exercise can help you feel happier and healthier


  1. Get plenty of sleep: Try to get at least 8 hours of good quality sleep at a regular time each night. Getting plenty of sleep also means that you’re likely to get less sick often, you may stay at a healthy weight, lower your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, and be able to think more clearly and do better in school and at work.
How to live a healthy, mite-free lifestyle

Get plenty of sleep


  1. Stress less: Take the time to relax, and talk to friends and family and plan ahead for events which may be causing the stress. Also, try listening to some music, or taking a moderately-paced walk outdoors. Make sure though that the people you choose to talk to aren’t the cause of your stress!
Live a healthy and happy, mite-free lifestyle

Enjoy and have fun with friends to help de-stress.


  1. Drink water: At least 4-6 glasses of water per day. Water is necessary for preventing dehydration and replacing fluids lost from sweating. You can also add extra water in your diet with certain food such as watermelon, lettuce, spinach and soups, which can work in conjunction with drinking water to retain a healthy amount of water.
How to have a healthy and happy mite-free lifestyle

Drinking water helps you stay hydrated.


  1. Clean your surroundings: Clutter in your room can be stressful and can impact how you’re sleeping, so move out stuff that isn’t necessary for rest. This may also reduce health risks by getting rid of dust, bacteria and other nasties. It will also help you to have better rest without extra clutter to distract you.
Healthy and demodex-free lifestyle

Clean your room to help reduce health risks.


  1. Wash your sheets regularly: By keeping clean sheets, you are helping to get rid of moisture and skin cells that you shed while you sleep. You are also helping getting rid of any Demodex mites which may have transferred onto pillow cases. Therefore you’ll keep your sleep area cleaner and you’ll be less likely to sleep in something you don’t want to.
Healthy and happy Demodex-free lifestyle.

Washing sheets.


  1. Disconnect from technology: By disconnecting from technology, you may help in allowing yourself to become more positive, and provides the opportunity to reset and refocus appreciation and gratitude. It may also help you to be more creative, improve your mood, boost concentration and make room for new intellectual connections. You might be surprised by how much more time you’ll have to do other things you never used to have time for.
Healthy and happy Demodex-free lifestyle

Disconnect from technology


Do you have any other ideas as to how you live a healthier lifestyle? Be part of the innovation in order to help ensure a safe, effective way of helping those who suffer from Demodex mites.

Ungex at Salon Melbourne 5-6 March

Visit Us at Ungex Booth in Salon Melbourne 5-6 March 2016!


Ungex at Salon Melbourne

UNGEX Pty Ltd is going to participate in Salon Melbourne – Hair & Beauty Expo on March 5-6, 2016 – at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Salon Melbourne is Victoria’s ultimate event for savvy salon professionals, delivering leading brands, the latest products and creative inspiration in hair and beauty.

During the two day show the visitors will enjoy lots of special offers and massive promotions. We will exhibit our unique products to all visitors. Also this two day show will give us a chance to interact with beauty professionals across the industry, as well as educate them on the prevalence of Demodex mites.

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انگل عنکبوتی پوست و مو

انگل عنکبوتی پوست و مو – دمودکس مایت – چیست؟

مايتهاى دمودکس، نوعى انگل عنكبوتى -شبيه كرم- هستند که در فولیکول های مو زندگی می کنند. مطالعات و تحقيقات متخصصين نشان می دهد دمودکس مايت با انواع متعددی از عوارض پوستی، ازجمله ريزش مو، نازك شدن مو، خارش پوست، پیری پوست، خشن و خشك شدن پوست، بینی قرمز، جوش، آکنه، روزاسه، کک و مک و لکه هاى پوستى، چین و چروک، آتوپیک، درماتوز، تغییر رنگ بر روی صورت و دیگر بیماری های پوستی مرتبط هستند و درضمن در انتقال و گسترش مشكلات و بيماريهاى پوستى نقش مهمى دارند

نقش انگل دمودكس مايت در پوست انسان همانند نقش آفت در باغ است! همانگونه كه آفات سلامتي و شادابي باغ را با خطر مواجه مي نمايد، مايتها نيز مشكلات متعددي براي سلامت و بهداشت پوست و مو ايجاد مي كنند

لذا از بين بردن اين آفات شرط اصلي، اجتناب ناپذير و مقدم بر هر درماني مي باشد

و اما در مورد محصولات

 شامپوی (آی اس) آنجکس ، ۱۲۵ میل

دارای فرمول منحصر بفرد جهت کمک به کنترل چربی نامناسب پوست، کاهش دمودکس مایت ها و همچنین جلوگیری از تکثیر دمودکس مایت ها


 شامپوی (پی اس) آنجکس ، ۱۲۵ میل 

دارای فرمول منحصر بفرد جهت کمک به پاکسازی چربی های نا مناسب پوست سر، کاهش دمودکس مایت ها و همچنین جلوگیری از تکثیر دمودکس مایت ها


تونیک تریتمنت مو (تی اچ تی) آنجکس ،  ۱۲۵ میل

دارای فرمول منحصر  بفرد جهت کمک به پاکسازی پوست سر و فولیکول های مو و برطرف کننده جرم های باقی مانده از دمودکس مایت ها، کمک به کاهش دمودکس مایت ها و همچنین جلوگیری از رشد و تکثیر آنها، مناسب جهت استفاده بعد از هر شستشو


 اسپری تریتمنت ضد دمودکس (پی دی تی) آنجکس ، ۱۲۵ میل 

دارای فرمول منحصر به فرد جهت کمک به از بین بردن دمودکس مایت ها در کوتاه ترین زمان و همچنین ازبین بردن مایتها در حوله، برس مو، بالش و همچنین جلوگیری از رشد دمودکس مایت ها در منزل  و یا سالن های زیبایی


بسته کامل (اسنشال کیت یک) شامل: چهار محصول 

شامپوی (آی اس) آنجکس

شامپوی (پی اس) آنجکس

تونیک تریتمنت مو (تی اچ تی) آنجکس

اسپری تریتمنت دمودکس (پی دی تی) آنجکس

نکات مهم:

 استفاده همه محصولات  تنها بر اساس دستورالعمل انجام شود    

 لازم به ذکر است با استفاده از ۲ تا ۳ ماه استفاده از محصولات می توانید به بهترین نتیجه دست یابید. مقدار میزان مصرف هر محصول در دوره ی ۲ تا ۳ ماهه، بستگی به میزان چربی پوست و مو و همچنین به طول مو و  وضعیت مو، بین 4 تا 8 هفته متغیر است

 استفاده از هر کدام از محصولات فوق به تنهایی و  به طور جداگانه تنها به جلوگیری از رشد و تکثیر دمودکس مایت ها کمک می کند. اما برای از بین  بردن کامل و موثر، استفاده از ۴ محصول (آی اس ، پی اس ، تی اچ تی ، پی دی تی) به طور همزمان در طول مدت مورد نظر ضروری می باشد.

تخفیف ویژه و امتیازات دیگر مانند پست رایگان ویژه هر ماه تنها شامل  بسته کامل (اسنشال کیت) می باشد و خرید محصولات به طور جداگانه شامل این امتیازات نمی باشد 

 تمام محصولات فوق ساخت کشور استرالیا هستند 

 براى آشنايى بيشتر با نحوه از بين بردن دمودكس مايت و تكنولوژى مايت سولوشن با دفتر مركزى شركت آنجكس استراليا در ارتباط باشيد

لطفا جهت اطلاع از  مبحث دمودکس مایت و مختصری ار تکنولوژی مایت سولوشن به این لینک مراجعه فرمایید

برای توضیحات بیشتر به این لینک مراجعه فرمایید اگر نیاز به ترجمه فارسی دارید ار گوشه سمت چپ بالا توسط اپلیکیشن مترجم گوگل برای تغییر زبان سایت به زبان فارسی استفاده فرمایید

در مورد مشخصات بیشتر محصولات و یا خرید آنلاین به این لینک مراجعه فرمایید

درضمن با مشاهده سایر شبکه های اجتماعی شرکت اطلاعات بیشتر دریافت فرمایید

با تشکر

شرکت آنجکس استرالیا

Why The Scalp Is Like A Garden!

All That You Must Know About Demodex Mites and Why The Scalp Is Like A Garden!



Demodex Mites, Scalp and Garden


Having an infested scalp can be explained by likening it to a garden, and I will explain why below:


Say that you have a garden that is overrun by pests. There are insects on your plants roots and in the soil, consuming all the nutrients, fertiliser and water you are feeding your plants, trying to make them healthy again.
Instead of these products getting into the soil, and your plants roots transferring the nutrients to where they need to go, the pests in the soil are getting to them first and consuming them. Your plans start to die.

So your hair and skin are like plants. They need to live in a pest free environment to flourish.

It’s Highly Important To Seek ‪Demodex‬ ‪Mites‬ Treatment Prior To Any Other Treatment For Skin Issues. Hair Mites Cause Problems When They Soar Out Of Control!
Find more about Demodex mites from our new blog here:

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Scalp Demodex Treatment

Best Scalp Demodex Treatment

A Healthy Scalp Leads To A Healthy Hair! Get The Best Scalp Demodex Treatment Now!


Good News For The People Living in Malaysia & Singapore

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Check out this amazing article regarding Demodex mites


Ungex has been endorsed in a great article, which among other things talks about the important role Demodex play in the holistic treatment of hair, skin and scalp problems.

We would also like to thank the articles author Gregory Kirk who is a specialist in the hair and scalp care industry for taking the time to mention us in this enlightening article and for championing the awareness and importance of Demodex mites in the hair care industry.  

Please see the article below.




What are Demodex (folliculorum) Mites? and are they good or bad?

I wish I had stressed this more often over the years with colleagues, peers and mentors alike on the importance of ensuring each patient is free of Demodex mite infestation on the scalp skin, in hair tissue and deep in oil glands pre and post treatment or surgery.

Surgery, Dermatology, Para medical practices, so many other crafts treating the skin, scalp & hair could advance if we are to identify a patient pre-treatment or surgery of the degree they are host to mites either on the scalp , facial skin or nestled in hair cuticles.

What damage can Demodex follicle mites do?

Demodex follicle mites live inside the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, sucking nutrients from the hair roots and damaging the cell walls. After mating they burrow into the skin, laying eggs, at times introducing bacteria causing infection to the skin. Throughout the five phases of their life cycle, these mites destroy the skin by excreting wastes and secretions, laying eggs and dying within its layers. After death, their corpses become liquid and decompose inside the skin.

One really amazing find to this journey is having failed treating patients homes effectively, i.e… their intimate belongings and surroundings to minimizing re-infestation. Their good families can also benefit. Early in development of our commercial hair loss control & recovery system launching next year, I missed this step totally. Hence the re-infestation numbers and cases early in treating patients a few years back. Which I can say for certain contributed to some regression and hair shedding on the maintenance program and patients had to return to clinical support treatments to boost the growth and volume back.

As of late I had a chat with our friends at UNGEX, Now we can get it right!…

Seyed brought something up I had not understood how to do it effectively enough, until yesterday. We can now say Demodex can be managed in the home and that the family is also Demodex free.

If the Demodex mites are not controlled by treating the towels, bedding, furniture then re-infestation of the patient is almost certain. Even in contact with others we know they can jump and re-infest.

So the first step to be taken is with our very own staff, equipment and the clinic.

If practice staff, equipment and the clinic are not examined and treated most likely we are in the cycle to. Skin, nail or hair clinics, salons and even surgical theaters are prone and should be examined and treated. We are all on the best path in assisting recovery this I believe is just one more step in reversing hair loss naturally pre-surgery and taking the work done in surgery just that much further for a patients recovery if you will.

Most clinics, skin or scalp clinic can rid a patient of mites in a few zaps with High Frequency, added serums and tonics but if the home or their office, whether visiting a country or to be simply putting your head on a airplane pillow or head rest of the bus to the airport means we are probably in contact with a good count of mites.

So how does UNGEX prove they manage that..?

Seyed (M Mallak) Behbahani-Managing Director at UNGEX Pty Ltd shared with us he clearly has the solution for a clinic like ours to assist in the patient controlling re-infestation of the Demodex Mites.

Seyed’s centre has launched the NEWEST BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY & SOLUTION that targets DEMODEX Mites . DEMODEX Treatments are tested and proven to be effective and it is a non-invasive cosmetics procedure. Demodex mites under the Newest Breakthrough Technology is hands down one of the most amazing things to incorporate into our protocol. As a researcher and clinician watching this from baseline to recovery for the patient and for our team from trench to bench is amazing.

A bit of what we discussed at the National Institute for Integrative Medicine is on to how the Demodex can produce the enzyme lipase which is necessary for Demodex to digest the sebum it feeds on. Lipase can adversely affect the quality, condition and appearance of your scalp and hair

If the mites go unobserved, the mite populations can dramatically increase, resulting hair thinning problems. Hair loss, in some cases, pre-mature hair loss can be linked with extended demodex folliculorum activity and much more.

I endorse UNGEX!


The Strand Clinic and Ungex together not only can -bring hair follicles back but we also bring new health to the home.

Read the FULL ARTICLE by Gregory Kirk (Founder-The Strand Clinic) HERE

We’d just like to say a thanks again to Gregory for including Ungex in this great article and for championing the awareness for Demodex mites and the important role they play.

Learn more about mites from the links below: